Please Note

Robert Davies: Delicate Terrain will be the final release offered in CD format.

My apologies to collectors, and my deep thanks for the support over many years.


All of our albums are of course available right now in high quality downloads and streaming from the Bandcamp sites.


Thank you.      APK / 2023

Ambient, drone, and experimental electronic music since 2002

Other News

Coalescent Sketches by Robert Davies and Arborescence
was released on the Alio Die bandcamp label.
"Together they have created eight compositions, each a musical representation
of a moving and breathing natural setting. A kind of meditative tranquility
transpires throughout each piece ..."


Click the cover image to go to the album page.



The Cold Spring label has re-released Fantastic Journey by The CIrcular Ruins and Mystified in a great new package. Originally released in 2013, Fantastic Journey is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy. The new release incorporates the original imagery, has a new track created just for this release, and is also available in an elegant, pressed CD version.

Click the cover image to go to the album page at Cold Spring.


Nunc Stans : On the Edge of the World

On the edge of the world.
A limit. A periphery. A special viewpoint.
Metaphysical musical journeys.

Nunc Stans : Lost and Found

More deep electro-ambient explorations performed on various hardware and software synths by Anthony Paul Kerby.

The Hive Project : Slow Decline

Curious beats, enigmatic atmospheres, scattered effects, narrative leads ... yes ... The Hive Project is back, and it's one of their very best.

Most Recent Releases


Fictions and Poetics : Untold Stories

Music gently washes across the lost meanings and indecipherable crevasses of a life, disclosing contours ... like a somehow familiar ghost haunting your personal forest of memories. We are so often simply lost for words.

Robert Davies: A Distant Glade

Immersive and tranquil musical journeys into a refreshing pastoral nature. Intimate, beautiful, and contemplative.

Nunc Stans: A Higher Mountain

Time. It is always about time. There is always more. Always a beyond spreading away into the diffuse distance. A higher mountain. Always an underlying longing, and a profound sadness. This is its music.

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