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Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Dwelling Place

Robert Davies

The Winterhouse
Slow Awakening

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Further Afield

Robert Davies
Darwin Raymond
and Jacob Newman

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
Full Circle

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
What the Moon Reveals

Robert Davies
Specta Ciera +
The Circular Ruins
Middle Distance

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Gathering Autumn

Robert Davies
Between the Lines

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Forgotten Harbors

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
and Mystified
Fantastic Journey

Robert Davies
Pleq + Philippe Lamy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
The Birth Of Tragedy

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Winter Gardens

Robert Davies
Strom Noir
Standing Out Against
the Sea


Robert Davies
Robert Davies
The Alchemy of Nature

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans


Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
We Leave Everything Behind

Robert Davies
Jacob Newman and
Devin Underwood
The Vivid Unmapped

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Whispering Grove


Robert Davies
Anthony Paul Kerby
& Tomas Weiss
Distant Shadows




WELCOME to DataObscura records

We are a cosy little label releasing quality ambient and related music since 2002. You can purchase our albums securely in THE STORE using paypal or charge card. We also offer inexpensive digital downloads for almost all of the albums.

The ARTISTS page is a useful place to start.

There is now a DataObscura BANDCAMP site (since November 2014) for those who want lossless downloads. Plus it is such an excellent, well designed music outlet. We will be adding all of our albums as time goes by. Look for this link button on individual album pages ...
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 Now Available -- Robert Davies - DWELLING PLACE

A welcome new release from Robert Davies.
Subtle, drone-based, pastoral, and very intimate. Ambient at its best.

CD available here.
Download available on Bandcamp.

 Now available -- The Winterhouse - SLOW AWAKENING

The Winterhouse (Robert Davies and APK) continue to bring us deftly crafted organic landscapes that are tinged with melancholy and rich with the shadows and details of intimate natural spaces. Spaces of beauty, seclusion and refuge that appear to emerge from slowly dissolving blankets of morning mist.

CD available here.
Download available on Bandcamp.


 Now available :: Nunc Stans - FURTHER AFIELD
APK has been keeping himself musically busy these past few years, but we have not seen a new Nunc Stans release from him since the excellent Peninsula from 2011. Further Afield is, however, certainly well worth the wait. Ten tracks of lush and subtly inventive drone-style works that flex and evolve, and conjure up vast landscapes, imaginary flights, and curious excursions.

CD available here.
Download available on Bandcamp.


 Now available :: Darwin Raymond and Jacob Newman - TRANSITIONS

Darwin Raymond (Ohio) and Jacob Newman (Colorado) combine their talents to create an
original and immersive album of wintry and
autumnal drones, textures, and subtle melodies
built around the yearning guitar work of Raymond.

CD available here.
Download available on Bandcamp.

 Now available :: The Circular Ruins - NIGHTFALL

Nightfall drifts towards a darker and more experimental territory than the previous Full Circle release from The Circular Ruins. The mood more mysterious and exploratory -- a journey into night, and into wormholes that sparkle with curious energies, and have unpredictable destinations.


CD available here.
Download available on Bandcamp.


 Now available :: Robert Davies - NIGHTSHADE
Nightshade feels like an intimate journal of secluded meanderings and drowsy reveries amid the beauty and endless mystery of nature; a nature that acts like a narcotic on the mind and senses. The music flows like a lazy river through this lush landscape, drifting gently from shade to light, past overhanging branches and secluded shallows alive with with winged inhabitants. This is music to relax by. Music that will entrance and carry you away.

Available here and on Bandcamp.


 Now available :: The Circular Ruins - FULL CIRCLE
A new solo release from The Circular Ruins is something very special here at DataObscura,
and this release exceeds expectations. Full Circle
is a collection of nine intricate and absorbing ambient explorations that show APK at his very best. Subtle rhythms, beautiful compositions rich with details, and a yearnng melodic structure that speaks volumes.
A work that will delight again and again.

We offer a quality CDr version and a 320kbs MP3 download version of the album. There is also a slighlty more expensive download available on Bandcamp for those who want lossless.

track 2


 Now available :: Robert Davies - WHAT THE MOON REVEALS
Over the years Robert Davies has created a considerable reputation for his work in the realm of lush and dreamy pastoral ambient. Music that transports the listener to various aspects of an idyllic natural world, and sometimes to the supernatural.
A music that tends towards the deeply immersive and refreshingly relaxing. On What The Moon Reveals, Davies continues this journey, painting hypnotic sonic portraits of intimate evening landscapes, and creating a series of memorable ambient reveries. It is a tour de force of sustained ambient artistry.

track 3

 Now available :: Nautic Depths and Nunc Stans - FALLING SILENT
The physical release is available on Musical Philosophy at El Culto.

At DataObscura we now have the download version for sale.

Falling Silent explores sombre and highly intimate sound worlds, maintaining an expressive flow with many embedded details. This is a work with uninterrupted flow and a complex subtle beauty.


  March 2014 :: Specta Ciera + The Circular Ruins - MIDDLE DISTANCE

Discover an entrancing blend of ambient forms and moods that shift and flow effortlessly from deep and lush to delicate and sparse.

              two samples

  January 2014 :: The Winterhouse - GATHERING AUTUMN

A special new double album from the studios of APK and Robert Davies. Rich and expressive dronescapes and detailed ambient explorations.

              two samples

  December 20 :: Limited quantity now available

Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomas Weiss

This new release on Databloem (pressed CD in digipak) is the third for Kerby and Weiss, and it is an ambient gem.

We have a limited number of copies available.

There is a full set of samples on the ordering


Be sure to check out the RADIO page to hear a selection of full streaming tracks from recent albums, and some classic older tracks.

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Invisible Cities

Our best selling release so far.
Fascinating and musically absorbing from begining to end.

A "spacious and ethereal masterpiece. As surreal and as perfect as a dream."
Joe Rygwelski
(Hypnos Forum)

Details and more samples HERE


Stanzas From the Museum of Dreams

Free, downloadable 48 minute EP.
Now available.

More info about this very fine release in the Free Stuff section.


Legal downloads of our albums are ONLY available through this site and our Bandcamp site. Any other sites on the web selling cheap downloads of these albums are illegal and give nothing back to the artist or label for all their work. You can be certain that such sites will also sell your email address and anything else you give them when you 'sign up'. Be very wary. Please support the actual creators of these fine works.


Robert Davies
Dwelling Place

September 1, 2015


December 2014

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