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Robert Davies
Julio Di Benedetto
& Anthony Paul Kerby

Falling Into Place

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse

Robert Davies
Fictions and Poetics
Anatomy of Melancholy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
River's Edge

Robert Davies
Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics
Our Last Days

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Dwelling Place

Robert Davies

The Winterhouse
Slow Awakening

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Further Afield

Robert Davies
Darwin Raymond
and Jacob Newman

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
Full Circle

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
What the Moon Reveals

Robert Davies
Specta Ciera +
The Circular Ruins
Middle Distance

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Gathering Autumn

Robert Davies
Between the Lines

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Forgotten Harbors

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
and Mystified
Fantastic Journey

Robert Davies
Pleq + Philippe Lamy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
The Birth Of Tragedy

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Winter Gardens

Robert Davies
Strom Noir
Standing Out Against
the Sea


Robert Davies
Robert Davies
The Alchemy of Nature

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans


Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
We Leave Everything Behind

Robert Davies
Jacob Newman and
Devin Underwood
The Vivid Unmapped

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Whispering Grove


Robert Davies
Anthony Paul Kerby
& Tomas Weiss
Distant Shadows





:: BOCD-001
The Winterhouse: Slow Promises
The Winterhouse: Slow Promises

First collaboration between Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer) and Robert Davies. Produced by APK. Intricate and haunting dronescapes that are full of subtle depths and musicality. Equally at home as quieter background music or for deep listening.


"Slow Promises" is a disc with a beautiful sound, a brilliant collaboration between artists that draws from the best of both talents. Davies and Kerby blend their distinct styles perfectly on this release and I have faith that repeated listenings will prove "Slow Promises" to be one of the best genre discs of the year, if not one of the best of the genre period.
rik maclean - ping things
(full review here )

The Winterhouse is DataObscura/Blue Oasis artists Robert Davies and label founder Anthony Paul Kerby, who also records as The Circular Ruins and Lammergeyer. The emphasis is on slow, luxurious ambient pieces. The result is an excellent album of pure floating music, and surely one of the best ambient albums of 2008."
Phil Derby - Electroambient Space

"On Slow Promises Davies’s honorary degree in ambient dronology shows itself to be worthy of the level of the masters like Grassow, Alio Die and Oöphoi. And APK, for his part, with the two artists operating remotely, makes a proficient Master of Ceremonies." 

"More than just a series of space music-infused tone poems, Slow Promises strives to become a sonic envisioning of place, one that is meditative yet resonant, calm yet with traces of brooding, teeming with undercurrents beneath a surface stasis."
Alan Lockett /

"This is a fabulous collaborative disc: captivating drones via Robert Davies meshed with exquisite machinations & subtle manipulations a la APK (The Circular Ruins) ...
Metallic drifts, haunting drone beds, echoing alien transmission blips and a glitchy synergy make for an enveloping atmosphere via headphones/earbuds...
What a terrific first release from the newly formed Blue Oasis label...5 stars!"
g.a.b. / Ambient Landscapes

1. Winterhouse
2. Slow Promises
3. Too Tired for Words
4. If You Dream Like This
5. Beneath the Grey Walls
6. Inside and Out
7. Letting Go
8. Relax, Its All Over

Date - 2007 // Total time - 63:55

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