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Robert Davies
Julio Di Benedetto
& Anthony Paul Kerby

Falling Into Place

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse

Robert Davies
Fictions and Poetics
Anatomy of Melancholy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
River's Edge

Robert Davies
Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics
Our Last Days

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Dwelling Place

Robert Davies

The Winterhouse
Slow Awakening

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Further Afield

Robert Davies
Darwin Raymond
and Jacob Newman

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
Full Circle

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
What the Moon Reveals

Robert Davies
Specta Ciera +
The Circular Ruins
Middle Distance

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Gathering Autumn

Robert Davies
Between the Lines

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Forgotten Harbors

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
and Mystified
Fantastic Journey

Robert Davies
Pleq + Philippe Lamy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
The Birth Of Tragedy

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Winter Gardens

Robert Davies
Strom Noir
Standing Out Against
the Sea


Robert Davies
Robert Davies
The Alchemy of Nature

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans


Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
We Leave Everything Behind

Robert Davies
Jacob Newman and
Devin Underwood
The Vivid Unmapped

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Whispering Grove


Robert Davies
Anthony Paul Kerby
& Tomas Weiss
Distant Shadows





:: BOCD-004
VA: Perceived Distances
VA: Perceived Distances

The first Blue Oasis compilation. Over 78 minutes of original and moving works spanning various styles of contemporary ambient electronica by some of the very best practitioners. It is a fascinating set of original works that takes you on a vast, interconnected musical journey.

"I just wanted to join in with the praise for this wonderful collection. Nice job! This generously populated disc flows seamlessly.... There isn't a misplaced track on this collection. The artists are all top-notch and names that I will look to for quality music making. It is to APK's credit as label owner that he has presented such an amazing string of 'new' talent to this genre. Recommended for an enjoyable sound journey."  1000snakes - Hypnos Forum

"The Circular Ruins, collaborating with Off the Sky, initiates the proceedings with a tune which moves from airy to bubbly, smooth to stippled. Saul Stokes then serves up some of his patented softly beating space music. After a little guitar work, Beta Two Agonist taps lightly against the eardrum with "Seele", one of the prettiest and most visually suggestive pieces of the collection.

Entia Non "Seeing Light" is another track rich in unexpected aesthetic delights, before the nostalgia-invoking Circular Ruins, whose "Nobody Knows" features a low, vaguely Oriental pattern mixed down deep in its thick electronic carpet. On Dreaming the Seed´s "Reaching Out", the human voice is presented as a brief, almost not-there chorus.

The album as a whole has a generally starlight-bright sound, broken by Rumforskning, who seems to be the only artist interested in investigating the darkness in between the stars. As we near the end, and for all its cumulative drama, Kwook´s "Time Wheels" is shiny and glistening and fun to listen to, like looking at brightly-coloured toys lying in the grass after being freshened by a brisk sunshower. The closer "Mellow" by Marco Lucchi is reminiscent of the coda to Eno´s seminal "Another Green World", lightly tossed - maybe intended as a nod of inspirational debt?

One thing connecting many of the tracks is chatter, unobtrusively lending an air of eavsesdropping on the collection. While I hardly think this was part of the brief given the artists, it sort of illuminates the idea of "perceived distances" - not only the geographic location of the contributors but our brain´s difficulty to fathom distance from people we can now access so clearly and readily with the available communications technology.

An excellent introduction to a whole passle of interesting new artists and sounds."
Stephen Fruitman -

1. The Circular Ruins + Off The Sky:
     Salt Bells and Sap Buttons
9. Cymphonic: The Passage
2. Saul Stokes: Camera Clicks 10. Subradial: Diaphotonic Sunrise
3. P is for Prue: princeFive 11. Dreaming The Seed: Reaching Out
4. Beta Two Agonist: Seele 12. Rumforskning: Ligevægt
5. Off The Sky: Early Morning Sunset 13. Robert Davies: Into Rotation
6. Entia Non: Seeing Light 14. Kwook: Time Wheels
7. The Circular Ruins: Nobody Knows 15. Marco Lucchi: Mellow
8. False Mirror: Nebelhorn Mountain  

Date - 2008 // Total time - 78:08

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