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Robert Davies
Fictions and Poetics
Anatomy of Melancholy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
River's Edge

Robert Davies
Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics
Our Last Days

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Dwelling Place

Robert Davies

The Winterhouse
Slow Awakening

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Further Afield

Robert Davies
Darwin Raymond
and Jacob Newman

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
Full Circle

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
What the Moon Reveals

Robert Davies
Specta Ciera +
The Circular Ruins
Middle Distance

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Gathering Autumn

Robert Davies
Between the Lines

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Forgotten Harbors

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
and Mystified
Fantastic Journey

Robert Davies
Pleq + Philippe Lamy

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
The Birth Of Tragedy

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Winter Gardens

Robert Davies
Strom Noir
Standing Out Against
the Sea


Robert Davies
Robert Davies
The Alchemy of Nature

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans


Robert Davies
The Circular Ruins
We Leave Everything Behind

Robert Davies
Jacob Newman and
Devin Underwood
The Vivid Unmapped

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Whispering Grove


Robert Davies
Anthony Paul Kerby
& Tomas Weiss
Distant Shadows





:: DO-030
Entia Non: Fold
Entia Non: Fold

2008. Shimmering glitchy samples and field recordings expertly woven into deep, warm, imaginative sonic experiences. Experimental ambient that rewards close listening.

"Loaded with a host of intriguing sounds, microsounds, ambient washes, and attention to detail. I recommend headphones to get full enjoyment from this release." 

"It's more laid back than Distal, but still drenched in those random sound effects that give it that psychedelic feel... again, this is wonderful stuff, and everyone should give this a try"
Joe Rygwelski
- Hypnos Forum

"Entia Non Fold (Dataobscura) • Nunc Stans Timeless (Dataobscura). Two superb slabs of speculative digital hijinks from Canada’s consistently reliable Dataobscura imprint. Entia Non is all over the proverbial net-label map, his scattershot EPs replicating across the bandwidth like a pernicious supervirus. Yet, it’s on Dataobscura where he truly shines. Fold draws its inspiration from Australia’s otherworldly topography, most of its sounds mutated field recordings that faintly echo their origins: the punch of wind through the bush, insect armies chattering away at twilight, and the caterwaul of mythic beasts altered electronically become drones bent sinister tarnished by staticky, purple atmospheres at itch with glitch. One would be hard-pressed to associate these prickly squalls of proudly electronic sound with anything organic, but the sense of drama built throughout makes for arresting listening. Geographic expanse and the shifting sands of memory bulk up the sonic aggregate of Timeless , its graying synths conjuring the brap of permafrost crackling against the hulls of abandoned vessels. “Labrador Sunrise,” nine minutes of arctic effigy and sisyphean chords, rivals the best of early Lull, Biosphere or Thomas Koner, every bit as riveting. Epoch-shattering ambience, naked, whooping and such-like. Darren Bergstein - Circuit Breakers / Signal to Noise #52

1. Ingress
2. Main
3. Lull
4. Return
5. Egress

Date - 2008 // Total time - 53:36

A download version is available on our Bandcamp site
in whatever format you need. Plus full tracks to preview :

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