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:: DO-033
The Winterhouse: Lost
The Winterhouse: Lost

Follow-up to the acclaimed debut album on Blue Oasis, Slow Promises, by the combined talents of Robert Davies and Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, Nunc Stans).  The drone mastery of Davies is overlaid with Kerby's melodic subtlety and sonic creativity in an organic, addictive, and flowing musical narrative. Much of the  music has a brooding vastness and grainy density, with scatterings of embedded field recordings and curious sound baubles. These are melancholic stories of loss and isolation, but told with an artist's eye for the poetic beauty of it all. The album opens with one of the most sublime pieces you will ever hear.

Lost stands as another testament to the power and depth of contemporary ambient music and its ability to open remarkable sonic vistas and meaningful moving landscapes.

"Anthony Paul Kerby (APK), familiar to ambient-space adepts from his projects under the banner of The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, and Nunc Stans, here renews his file-exchange tryst with Robert Davies, himself with a number of accomplished DataObscura releases under his belt, to follow up their debut, Slow Promises. Davies’ euphonic take on ambient drone theory finds a compatible foil in APK. On such tracks as "The Four Corners of Night", the knowledge base of the latter’s spacemusic and EM schooling are well in evidence in embroidering around the former’s drone-deliveries which become fertile ground-level backdrops to spindles of sinewy synth figures. APK likes to steep his tonal material in a solution of environmental infusions so they end up with a filmy smearage, bringing out a teeming inner life of particulate detail. Lost is, overall, possessed of a brooding beauty and grainy grandeur, its soundings more electronic than Alio Die, less etherial than Oophoi, less devotional than Mathias Grassow, while sharing something of the sonorous spirit of all of the above. And with this second work, The Winterhouse cement their credentials in sonic articulations of imaginary place, as creators of meditative yet resonant loci of repose and reflection, turning to loss and isolation. Closing piece, "Clearing", shows the pair are capable of surprising mood shifts, as the dominant doleful tenor of the preceding movements is dispelled, clouds lifting in gorgeous elegiac aperture. This data may be Obscura but its muted melancholy and existential poesis feel close to home."
Alan Lockett 
(e/i Magazine - Audio Verité #22)

"Excellent recording, worth the price just for the title track."
Dave Michuda (Hypnos Forum)

"The incandescence of Lost remains engagingly enigmatic thanks to the near-Olympian detachment of Anthony Paul Kerby and Robert Davies ....
The album maintains a narrative flow, broken by dissociative pauses or jumps. There are ghosts of resonances here, there, and everywhere in the music, as well as pulses, beating, and gentle fluctuations in pitch, all of which suggest slow-moving but fluid construction ....
When melodies drift through, as on "Leaving", they do so as a little jewel of sound that seems as though it were fashioned out of powdered glass in the afternoon sun and left to blow away with the coming darkness. Similarly, the keyboard melody that graces the closing minutes of "Clearing" has all the sepia glow of the past. All of this and more makes Lost unravel like someone's faulty memory, riddled by gaps, aporias, and cadences of isolation."
Max Shaefer (earlabs review - full review HERE )

1 - Lost
2 - Leaving
3 - Solitary Lives
4 - The Four Corners of Night
5 - Clearing

Date - October 2008 // Total time - 60:07

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