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:: DO-039
Robert Davies: Gallery of Spirits
Robert Davies: Gallery of Spirits

Ethereal dreamscapes and flowing apparitions. These drone-based pieces are like wandering the shadowy gardens of a mythic underworld. Another fine, meditative release from Robert Davies.

The striking cover images are based on Robert's own collage and paint artworks.

DataObscura has been pioneering the minimal ambient genre for some years. Or so I was told, because only recently, I got acquainted with this great label. One of the releases that instantly struck me was this excellent Robert Davies disc. Apart from being a musician, he is also a gifted visual artist whose work is reflected in his music, and vice versa. Gallery Of Spirits is an hour long meditative journey filled with beautiful ethereal minimal ambient drone sounds. The music on offer remains varied throughout, because I never get the feeling that I have to escape from this ominous netherworld of mysterious ghosts. Never do I get an annoying 'new age' itch. Take Apparation for example: sounds like a constant soothing shower of light rain, that all of a sudden might transform into a threatening thunderstorm. That's the effect this disc has on me. (9/10)
Patrick - Het Uur U - Original in Dutch

Robert Davies has quickly become a personal favorite with his smooth blend of dark ambience. Synthetic yet organic, his mellow style rewards listeners looking for subtle background music or an intentional listening experience. The title track seems to shimmer in a circular fashion, swirling about with a metallic sheen. “Bouyant Sentience” goes deeper and darker with haunting choirs, though it still has a calming, soothing effect. “Langorous Musing” is more delicate and considerably lighter, followed by the pure drifting of “Apparition,” 12 dreamy minutes of effortlessly ethereal floating. Most of the album is characterized by formless, flowing sonic creations, completely devoid of rhythm and largely without discernible melodic structure. Occasionally, as on “Sinuous Manifestation”, bell-like tones or something else vaguely recognizable as conventional music emerges, but for the most part it is just soothing sounds from origins unknown – which will suit ambient fans including myself just fine, thank you.
Phil Derby -

1. Gallery of Spirits
2. Buoyant Sentience
3. Languorous Musing
4. Apparition
5. Portal of Infinite Yearning
6. Sinuous Manifestation
7. Oblique Sorcery

Date - May 2009 // Total time - 60:28

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