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:: DO-041
Nunc Stans: The Unnamable
Nunc Stans: The Unnamable

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby using a variety of synthesisers, acoustic guitar, and studio processing.

The Unnamable
is a broad, sweeping work of often immense vistas and beatless atmospheres. These dynamic and engaging dronescapes reveal a darker and more intense Nunc Stans, one aimed more at transcendence than description. Immersive and sonically rich, this release will appeal to listeners of Steve Roach and related deep ambient drone works.

"This is space music of the highest caliber. The key word here is DRONES; high-end drones, low-end drones, and everything in-between. The sound is crisp and clear, and the production is razor-sharp. I could often hear 5 or 6 different pitches of drone simultaneously.The sense of "space" in these compositions is quite pronounced; some sounds seem to emanate from a source many miles away. As with all of Anthony's discs, there's an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail that keeps things from getting redundant, and makes this 60 minute disc seem much shorter. I'd be surprised if anyone who likes drone didn't fall in love with this immediately, it's that good."
Joe Rygwelski - Hypnos Forum

"Out of the mere arrangement of tones Anthony Paul Kerby recording as Nunc Stans is able to conjure up distinct and evocative Ambient atmospheres. Some of the ten tracks on his CD THE UNNAMABLE are rendered in darkness, fewer in light, together bringing the listener to an interesting digital twilight of their own imagining. This music is the sonic equivalent of clouds crossing a great plain or mist rising from a dark body of water - in order to perceive and appreciate these qualities the beholder must match the activity level of their surroundings. The sounds are wonderful. They rise and recede gently, each in its own turn. Drones slowly crest as different tones touch in space to create a distinctive gradually resonating soundfield. Long deep tones roll beneath tingling high frequencies - and in between the panorama extends towards a hazy hidden horizon. Thanks to Kerby's personal language of abstraction, these beautiful soundscapes turn any quiet listening area into an all-encompassing sonic environment."
Chuck van Zyl - Star's End

01 - The Desire To Be Called
02 - A Point Became Thought
03 - Fundamental Question
04 - Mind Over Matter
05 - The Unnamable
06 - Ascension
07 - Act Of Creation
08 - Mysterium Magnum
09 - Slipstream
10 - Arrival

Date - July 2009 // Total time - 62:05

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