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:: DO-046
Pleq: Our Words Are Frozen
Pleq: Our Words Are Frozen
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First release on Dataobscura from respected Polish glitch experimentalist Bartosz Dziadosz.

A moody infusion of grainy ambient, subtle glitch, and minimal industrial soundscapes. Restrained and fresh, with a distinct northern isolationist and melancholic feeling throughout. 

In a prime case of what you see is what you get, the title of the new release from Pleq, along with the photo of the iceberg on the cover, provide the perfect clues for what's in store: slow-moving floes of deeply chilled minimalist drone. This is a work that swallows you whole and surrounds you with sounds so quiet as to border on subliminal. Composer Bartosz Dziadosz grounds his mind-melting drones with the organic, imperfect feel of glitches—most sounding like the pop and scratch of old vinyl or something vaguely insectile skittering around inside your head. There's a lot of background sound and detail that pays off during a focused listen but this is also a disk that can simply wash around you on loop for long stretches, coiling itself around the space. If you like your sounds amorphous, a little shadowy and very subtle, then you need to give Our Words Are Frozen a spin.
John Shanahan / Hypnagogue

Where the former album ‘The Metamorphosis’ was a very warm glacial IDM-ambient release with lots of subtle rhythms and structures, with his new work ‘Our Words Are Frozen’, he ventures into complete ambient without any noticeable rhythm, while still maintaining the glacial Pleq atmosphere. It kind of feels like he removed the whole IDM approach and only concentrated on the soundscape approach. The album opens with the very beautiful ‘Last Month’s (Short Version)’.... Lots of hissing loops and glacial atmospheres surround this track. ‘Walk Through Your Mind’ is a relatively dark song. Lots of crackling sounds, drones and humming industrial noises are heard. ‘We Try To Abjure Material Things’ is a more abstract and experimental song with some Dadaistic sound structures, but all this conceived in the Pleq sound palette. The title track ‘Our Words Are Frozen’ is again a deep droney track which has a great immersive flow. ‘Back To The Moon’ takes us back to a ‘We Try To Abjure Material Things’ approach, albeit with a more prominent drone approach.

With ‘Our Words Are Frozen’, Pleq has created a very good companion piece to his former album. The album has the same glacial quality as his former work, only without the IDM and electronica rhythms and focuses more on the isolationist ambient soundscape approach.... This album is essential for lovers of glacial ambient as released for example by Glacial Movements Records. Highly recommended!
Fabian van der Meer / Gothtronic


Les lecteurs assidus de Chroniques électroniques savent tout le bien que nous pensons de Bartosz Dziadosz alias Pleq. Nous avions l'année dernière publié les chroniques de ces superbes albums The Metamorphosis, The Fallen Love et Lucid Dream. On a rarement vu un artiste alliant quantité et qualité avec autant de brio. Celui pour qui le glitch et la mélancolie sont les éléments primordiaux de la composition a récemment signé un autre projet avec Segue chez U-Cover. Avant que le Polonais ne vienne un jour jouer en France, penchons nous sur son nouvel essai paru dernièrement chez Dataobscura, Our Words Are Frozen.

Si la musique de Pleq était jusqu'ici déjà très triste (pour ne pas dire dramatique), il revient cette fois ci avec un album qui déconcertera peut-être au premier abord ses fans de la première heure. Our Words Are Frozen est un pur album d'ambient où l'épuration rythmique est aussi palpable que l'omniprésence des drones et des field recordings. Minimaliste et glacé, cet album s'adresse principalement aux coutumiers du genre. Le glitch n'est cette fois-ci utilisé que comme élément crépitant, semblant peindre des tableaux d'icebergs en pleine fonte. Sur la fresque d'ouverture Last Month, on pourrait même se croire embarqué sur un brise glace naviguant non loin du pôle nord. L'esprit de l'auditeur se sentira enseveli sous des tonnes de poudreuse en attente de l'arrivée des sauveteurs sur l'excellent Walk Through Your Mind. De petites rythmiqes industrielles et des micro-samples interviennent sur les superbes et introspectifs We Try To Abjure Material Things et Back To The Moon. Ces deux titres organiques revigorent nos oreilles plongées jusqu'alors dans une hibernation flottante et congelée. Perdu sur des eaux statiques mais hostiles, le moussaillon prie pour entendre un sonar ou apercevoir un sémaphore. Le magnifique mais terrifiant I Know, It's Not Human de fermeture confirme ce sentiment d'inexorable perditio....
Ed Loxapac / Chroniqus Eectroniques


Date - March 2010 // Total time - 66:12

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