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:: DO-049
Robert Davies: Whispering Grove
Robert Davies: Whispering Grove
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It was midsummer, when the alchemy of Nature transmutes the sylvan landscape o one vivid and almost homogeneous mass of green; when the senses are well-nigh intoxicated with the surging seas of moist verdure and the subtly indefinable odours of the soil and the vegetation. In such surroundings the mind loses its perspective; time and space become trivial and unreal, and echoes of a forgotten prehistoric past beat insistently upon the enthralled consciousness.   H.P. Lovecraft  The Tomb

Imagine this literary image transposed into flowing music and you have the rich ambient compositions of Robert Davies' Whispering Grove. Possibly his most perfect pastoral album to date. Music that brings romantic visions of languishing within secluded bowers of intoxicating scents and lush humid overgrowth. Crafted with an unassuming simplicity and deftness, this is an album guaranteed to transport you.

"Ithaca, New York, based sound and visual architect Robert Davies is one of my favourite artists on the DataObscura roster. After his previous strong "Pond" release, reviewed several months ago, Robert returns with another polished piece of work. The album unfolds with gorgeously floating washes on the title track, "Whispering Grove". Minimal in its structure, almost silent, but absolutely tranquil and absorbing composition, with exactly suitable track title. This mood almost unrecognizably crosses to the next piece, "Gnarled Oak", a haunting deep drone with occasional howling sonic elevations, what a beauty! Mournful drones on "Hidden Bower" are slightly brightened with organic sounds, while "Below Bridges Of Stone" is again colored with some howling sounds with added bird calls. Gloomy and mysterious "Foliage Effulgent" features except some otherwordly sounds also tinkling bells and few environmental recordings emerge too, one of the darkest compositions on "Whispering Grove". "Damp Thicket Drapery" returns to its more static and nostalgic mood, but "Intoxicating Alchemy" with wildlife organics is another deep and fascinating pastoral soundscape. Dreamy and mesmerizing "Meadow Of Scented Spice" graciously closes this immersive earthy ride. Robert's dreamscapes are quite minimalistic, but containing wonderful atmospheres inside. "Whispering Grove" is going to submerge you in the dark, but lush, tranquil and intoxicating green beauty of the nature. This album has my highest recommendation!!! "

Richard Gürtler (Bratislava, Slovakia)


Date - April 2011 // Total time - 58:21

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Robert Davies

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