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:: DO-054
Strom Noir: Standing Out Against the Sea
Strom Noir: Standing Out Against the Sea
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On his first DataObscura release, Strom Noir (Emil Maťko) from Slovakia delivers a collection of mesmerizing transmuted guitar textures and noise drones that show a keen persistence of vision, with dark tensions that draw the listener into all-encompassing sonic depths. Emil has previously recorded on such labels as Hibernate, U-Cover, and Resting Bell.

The album unfolds with motionlessly flowing looped drones on "Poppy Seeds", presenting Strom Noir at its most serene!!! The title composition "Standing Out Against The Sea" moves towards more typical guitar-based soundscaping, with a stronger acoustic feel and a repetitive, slightly more melodic structure enriched later by harsher hissed soundwalls and natural sounds, but always keeping within the signature of Strom Noir. This composition showcases a precise synergy and balance between fragile, melancholic warmness and louder, more massive passages. "In All The Wrong Places" begins with deeper, slow-motion drones, which fleetly shift into gradually progressing, intense and interplaying cascades covered by misty hiss. This richly sculpted and deeply evocative masterpiece holds all the finest "Made by Strom Noir" essences!!! The monotonously spiraling, but shimmeringly exquisite drones of "The Passage Of Truth" move again through multi-dimensional passages, backed by catchy voice-like sounds. The next composition, "Rearviewmirror", slips into a rather rawer, exotically sounding adventure, with distinctive sounds and intense, expressive strings. An all-inclusive piece with a deeply stirring and mesmerizing effect. Certainly another highlight on this highly challenging ride!!! "Digital Saturn" glides through more aerial, tranquilly soothing spaces with a slowly expanding structure, becoming more massive and profound, and always strongly imaginative. "Haanah" is dominated by heavier, repetitive drone, and colored by some distant rumblings at the back. The overall feel of this track is quite monumental, nearly mind-bending. By the way, "Haanah" also features the Fujara, a traditional folk flute of Slovak shepherds, but it's hardly recognizable throughout the piece. "Kalimagdora" quickly brings the album back into a warmly inviting blend of tender acoustics and cheerful organics crossed with nostalgic glitches, and allows the listener to float smoothly in a state of being deeply relaxed. Beautifully captivating closer!!! "Standing Out Against The Sea" is filled with sensitivity, richness and poignancy, it must be experienced to be appreciated!!! I am so proud to know this wonderful and talented artist!!!
Richard Gürtler (April 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Emil Mat’ko has been releasing music at a steady, even pace since 2007, yielding more than a dozen long- and extended-players to date, each as skillfully nuanced and uplifting as the next. In betrayal of his dark monicker, Strom Noir twists rainbows into braids, making the seemingly insubstantial emotionally salient. His ambient is amongst the most subtle on record, distant and place-less but richly varied and embrasive. It is the last blue in the sky just above the evening horizon, the perfectly featureless pane of glass turning into a rippling pool of spring water.

Strom Noir captures the vulnerability of the lone being up against the robustness of life, even as he expresses it with a hush. Standing Out Against the Sea consists of eight lengthy, ambiguously guitar-based pieces, treated, unaggressive watercolours. The nearly-imperceptible lilt upwards, toward the sun, discreetly standing out against the slightly atonal foreground of the title track, turns the listener into vapour. “Digital Saturn” is symphonic in the way that a school of whales is symphonic, giving way to the haunted “Haanah,” dusted with Orient. On the brief finale, “Kalimagdora,” the acoustic guitar finally reveals itself undressed, plaintive and then overcome.
Stephen Fruitman (Igloo Magazine 5/2013)


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 Date - March 2012 // Total time - 55:25

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