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Curious Geometries


Fictions and Poetics
A Clear Day And No Memories

Fictions and Poetics
The Primacy of

Robert Davies
Sylvan Glen

Nunc Stans
Outer Limit

Fictions and Poetics

Specta Ciera & Arbee

The Winterhouse
Unlit Passages

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 02

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 01

Robert Davies

Robert Davies
Elemental Shimmer

The Circular Ruins

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Edge of Visibility

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Resonant Fields

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Until Voices Wake Us

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

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Secret Passages

Fictions and Poetics

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Crossing Bridges




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The Circular Ruins: Confluence
:: DO-031


Composed in 2001 and released in 2002 on the Atmoworks/In The Bubble label. This DataObscura re-release has new packaging and artwork, and is also available for the first time as a digital download. 

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Timeless
:: DO-029


These rich and flowing drone-scapes are cut through with glacial undertones and fascinating details. A product of far northern geography and the immensity, and isolation, of that landscape. Another deep and complex sonic delight from Canada.

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Night Vision
:: DO-025


Long-awaited second release from Nunc Stans. Full of rich and absorbing atmospheres and subtle details.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins + Off The Sky: We All Fall Down
:: DO-023


Everything you would expect from these two contemporary talents. Complex atmospheres, strangely rhythmic, hauntingly melodic ... a rare treat.
Price: $13.25

Lammergeyer: Beneath The Sky
:: DO-020


>2006. The perfect follow-up to Borders & Barrens. Subtle, flowing, complex, and nostalgic.
Price: $13.25

The Hive Project: Conversations With The Queen
:: DO-017


2006. The Hive Project is Jeremy Rice (USA) and Anthony Paul Kerby (Canada). Jeremy Rice also records under the name Introspective, and has a number of releases on net labels. This is a re-release from 2001. Haunting, curiously rhythmic, with dark edges.
Price: $13.25

Lammergeyer: Borders & Barrens
:: DO-016


2005. Sonic explorations of isolation, distances, and landscapes. The fourth Lammergeyer release.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Degrees of Separation
:: DO-014


2005. Complex landscapes, infused with curious rhythms & trademark melancholic meandering leads.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: The Cerulean Suite
:: DO-013


A richly detailed symphony of drones, drifting leads, and occasional rhythms.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Land of the Blind
:: DO-011


Another labyrinth of complex and innovative ambient electronica from Anthony Paul Kerby.
Price: $13.25

Lammergeyer: Borrowed Time
:: DO-008


Third in a series of Lammergeyer (APK) releases. Flowing & intriguing ambient electronica from Lammergeyer.
Price: $13.25

Lammergeyer: Blue Oasis
:: DO-005


Second in a series of Lammergeyer releases by Anthony Paul Kerby. More high-altitude immersive soundscapes from the lair of Lammergeyer.
Price: $12.98

Lammergeyer: Birds of Prey
:: DO-004


First in a series of Lammergeyer (APK) releases. Lush, detailed, interconnected electro-ambient soundscapes. Music for an imagned film.
Price: $12.98

The Circular Ruins: Conjunction
:: DO-001


Double CD of deeply absorbing ambient landscapes and brooding groove-ambient electronica. The darker works from 2002-2003.
Price: $18.50

VA: Perceived Distances
:: BOCD-004


The first Blue Oasis compilation. Over 78 minutes of original and moving works spanning various styles of contemporary ambient electronica by some of the very best practitioners. It is a fascinating set that takes you on a vast, interconnected musical journey. 
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Falling Into The Sky
:: BOCD-002


The Circular Ruins returns with an engaging dossier of sweeping atmospherics, sonic curiosities, and existential depths.

Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Slow Promises
:: BOCD-001


First collaboration between Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer) and Robert Davies. Produced by APK. Intricate and haunting dronescapes.

Price: $13.25

Jonathan Block and The Circular Ruins: Shadows On Water
:: GOS26


Joint album by Jonathan Block and The Circular Ruins. Released on Gears Of Sand in 2007. A fascinating blend of the two styles.


options: Physical CD
MP3 Download
Price: $13.25

VA: Portraits
:: BM08


Portraits is a unique compilation of some of the best ambient musicians in the field, handpicked and selected by Vir Unis.
Price: $12.25

The Circular Ruins: Empathy test
:: DB-005


Subtle ambient and groove-ambient innovations.
Released on Databloem in 2003.

Price: $13.25
Out of Stock

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