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Fictions and Poetics

Fictions and Poetics
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Fictions and Poetics
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Robert Davies

Robert Davies
Elemental Shimmer

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Fictions and Poetics

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Edge of Visibility

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Until Voices Wake Us

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

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Secret Passages

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Crossing Bridges

Specta Ciera +
The Circular Ruins







Nunc Stans: Further Afield
:: DO-069


Ten tracks of lush and subtly inventive drone-style works that flex and evolve, and conjure up vast landscapes, imaginary flights, and curious excursions. These are works of emotion and are ripe with fascinating details.
Price: $13.25

Darwin Raymond and Jacob Newman: transitions
:: DO-068


Darwin Raymond (Ohio) and Jacob Newman (Colorado) combine their talents to create an original and immersive album of wintry and autumnal drones, textures, and subtle melodies built around the yearning guitar work of Raymond.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Nightfall
:: DO-067


Nightfall drifts towards a darker and more experimental territory than the previous Full Circle release from The Circular Ruins. Expect a fascinating and totally absorbing ambient electronica trip.

The CD version is available here.
The download is available from our Bandcamp site.
Price: $13.50

Robert Davies: Nightshade
:: DO-066


Nightshade feels like an intimate journal of secluded meanderings and drowsy reveries amid the beauty and endless mystery of nature. Expect rich seductive drones and subtle embellishments.

The CD version is available here. 
The download is available from our Bandcamp site.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Full Circle
:: DO-065


Full Circle is a collection of nine intricate and absorbing ambient explorations that show APK at his very best.
The CD version is available here.
The download is available from our Bandcamp site.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: What the Moon Reveals
:: DO-064


Robert Davies crafts hypnotic sonic portraits of intimate evening landscapes.
Price: $13.25

Specta Ciera + The Circular Ruins: Middle Distance
:: DO-063


A collaboration between Specta Ciera (Devin Underwood) and The Circular Ruins (Anthony Paul Kerby), and as you might expect it is a rich electro-ambient offering, full of depth and subtle sonic surprises. 
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Gathering Autumn
:: DO-062


A special new double album from the studios of APK and Robert Davies. Rich and expressive dronescapes and detailed ambient explorations. See Details page for more info and lots of samples.
Price: $19.95

Lammergeyer: Between The Lines
:: DO-061


Lammergeyer returns with eighteen new tracks of inventive and often visceral ambient electronica that varies from achingly beautiful to enigmatically intimate and experimental. 
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Forgotten Harbors
:: DO-060


Davies is an artist on a mission. His music delves into an almost mystical encounter with very particular, secluded and intimate recesses of nature. Deeply involved and seriously consistent, Forgotten Harbors continues the exploration. 
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins and Mystified: Fantastic Journey
:: DO-059


Fantastic Journey is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne,  H. G. Wells, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy.
Price: $13.25

Pleq + Philippe Lamy: Momentum
:: DO-058


Momentum constructs immersive worlds from microsounds, noise fields, glitches, mutated drones and field recordings.


Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Arboreal
:: DO-057


Arboreal spins a gossamer web of natural field recordings and delicate synthesiser pads that will both entrance and transport the listener to a secluded earthly sanctuary.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: The Birth Of Tragedy
:: DO-056


The Birth Of Tragedy is a finely crafted and intimate album of  sonic storytelling. A work of maturity and subtle beauty.
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Winter Gardens
:: DO-055


The Winterhouse return with a fourth ambient excursion, exploring winter moods and memories. This time a little more experimental ... but every bit as magical.

Price: $13.25

Strom Noir: Standing Out Against the Sea
:: DO-054


A deep collection of mesmerizing guitar textures and drones by Strom Noir from Slovakia.

Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: The Alchemy Of Nature
:: DO-053


Composed over the latter half of 2011, this new ambient collection from Robert Davies further solidifies his name as a leading light in pastoral ambient.

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Peninsula
:: DO-052


A new collection of beautifully sculpted aural landscapes inspired by isolated coastlines and their desolate but curiously intimate vistas and moods.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: We Leave Everything Behind
:: DO-051


We Leave Everything Behind is a unique and mesmerizing tapestry of sound that contains all the sonic drama and poetic delicacy we have come to expect from The Circular Ruins.

Price: $13.25

Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood: The Vivid Unmapped
:: DO-050


Fresh, free-flowing immersive dreamscapes in a minimal contemporary style. A very worthy release for our 50th DataObscura.
Price: $13.25

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