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Fictions and Poetics

Fictions and Poetics
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Robert Davies

Robert Davies
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Fictions and Poetics

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Robert Davies
Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
Robert Davies

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Fictions and Poetics

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Robert Davies: Whispering Grove
:: DO-049


Possibly his most perfect pastoral album to date. Music that brings romantic visions of languishing within secluded bowers of intoxicating scents and lush humid overgrowth.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Pond
:: DO-048


2010. Another deep pastoral exploration from Robert Davies, inspired by lines from Thoreau's Walden.

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: We Leave Without Speaking
:: DO-047


We Leave Without Speaking is a single, 72 minute piece of expansive and deeply involving atmospheric ambience that wanders an enigmatic world of its own making, seamlessly flowing through a variety of rich sonic palettes and absorbing soundworlds.

Price: $13.25

Pleq: Our Words Are Frozen
:: DO-046


A moody infusion of grainy ambient, subtle glitch, and minimal industrial soundscapes. Restrained and fresh.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Invisible Cities
:: DO-045


A lush and addictive collection of ambient journeys and landscapes inspired by the incomparable novel Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Sanctuary
:: DO-044


Sanctuary, the third Winterhouse collaboration, will entrance with its deep, flowing textures and rich expressive details. The five long pieces seem to engage cinematically, drawing sonic vistas and sending the listener drifting on excusions of discovery.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Terrestre
:: DO-043


An understated set of pastoral meditations that reveal a very mature and consistent artistry. Sure to please fans of Robert's earlier work, and followers of the subtle drone tradition passing through Grassow, Oophoi, and Alio Die.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans and Mystified: One Thousand Dreams
:: DO-042


An immersive set of richly detailed dreamscapes that flow and shift with a sophisticated ease and engaging lyric beauty.

A first collaboration between Nunc Stans and Mystified.

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: The Unnamable
:: DO-041


The Unnamable is a broad, sweeping work of often immense vistas and beatless atmospheres. These dynamic and engaging dronescapes reveal a darker and more intense Nunc Stans.
Price: $13.25

Lammergeyer: Beginning To End
:: DO-040


It was in 2006 that we saw the previous Lammergeyer (the excellent Beneath The Sky), so a new releases is long overdue. And fans of the Lammergeyer style will certainly not be disappointed by the wait. Beginning To End is a work of subtlety and considerable beauty.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Gallery of Spirits
:: DO-039


Ethereal dreamscapes and flowing apparitions. These drone-based pieces are like wandering the shadowy gardens of a mythic underworld.

Another fine, meditative release from Robert Davies.

Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Meridian
:: DO-038


Nunc Stans has always been inspired by far northern landscapes and the subjective states that accompany or are induced by them. Much of this collection is a sonic analog of those landscapes ... drawn in sound across the silence.

A sublime journey through expansive soundworlds, rich with detail, immersive atmospheres, and underlying grandeur.

Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Before The Colors Deepened
:: DO-037


TCR returns with a complex and absorbing series of new works that drift effortlessly between a deep, expansive, and sometimes ominous-sounding, experimental spacemusic, and a more tender, melancholic classical style of melodic development.
Price: $13.25

Entia Non: Updrafts
:: DO-036


James McDougall serves up another gorgeous helping of scrambled field recordings, reconstructions, brittle textures, warm mechanisms, environmental rumblings, and a host of minute sonic abstractions and abrasions.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Geography of Memory
:: DO-035


Flowing, etherial, and quite beautiful - this is perhaps the most immersive of Robert Davies' drone-based dreamscapes to date. A masterful piece of work.

Price: $13.25

Description Without Place: Filaments
:: DO-034


Filaments brings together, for the first time, the field-recording & sample manipulations of James McDougall (Entia Non) with the more synth-based skills of Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, Nunc Stans). Contemporary, glitchy, detailed, and musically absorbing, this is a work to come back to again and again.
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Lost
:: DO-033


Follow-up to the acclaimed debut album, Slow Promises, by the combined talents of Robert Davies and Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, Nunc Stans. No to be missed.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: The Palm at the End of the Mind
:: DO-032


Loaded with grainy epic richness, teeming with subtle details, threaded with intriguing leads, all cast over a bed of melancholic northern icy dronescapes. Quality ambient music that makes you imagine ... and lets you be there.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Confluence
:: DO-031


Composed in 2001 and released in 2002 on the Atmoworks/In The Bubble label. This DataObscura re-release has new packaging and artwork, and is also available for the first time as a digital download. 

Price: $13.25

Entia Non: Fold
:: DO-030


Shimmering glitchy samples and field recordings expertly woven into deep, warm, imaginative sonic experiences. Experimental ambient that rewards close listening.

Price: $13.25

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