Robert Davies is an ambient musician and graphic artist currently residing in Ithaca, New york, USA.

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"There is a thread running through all of Davies' work, it can perhaps best be named phantasy. Song titles signify these very visual, phantastic worlds, and the music moves us through them as in a dream. We drift, transfixed, within uncertain landscapes suffused with evolving visions, shadows, and apparitions. The land of faerie, of phantoms, and of the unconscious. Robert's music is founded in this subterranean, subconscious realm, and is grounded with deep drones that gently weave a sombre and mysterious web of enveloping sound through which we return to something more primal, but also to something more magical."

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● Afterlight
Label: DataObscura - 2016
Each track situates the listener in intimate communion with a nature that is rich with details and that builds subtle yet very powerful atmospheres. The music is both lush and relaxing, and thoroughly absorbing. The experience is ultimately one of reverie, and is transcendent in its appeal.
● Dwelling Place
Label: DataObscura - 2015
Robert's pursuit of intimate and secluded natural spaces continues with the release of Dwelling Place, an album of subtle drone-based music that settles the listener into the arms of a pastoral nature that is both relaxing and yet fundamentally mysterious. Ambient music at its very best.
● Nightshade
Label: DataObscura - 2014
Nightshade feels like an intimate journal of secluded meanderings and drowsy reveries amid the beauty and endless mystery of nature; a nature that acts like a narcotic on the mind and senses. The music flows like a lazy river through this lush landscape, drifting gently from shade to light, past overhanging branches and secluded shallows alive with with winged inhabitants.
● What The Moon Reveals
Label: DataObscura - 2014
Music that transports the listener to various aspects of an idyllic natural world, and sometimes to the supernatural. A music that tends towards the deeply immersive and refreshingly relaxing. It is a tour de force of sustained ambient artistry.
● Forgotten Harbors
Label: DataObscura - 2013
Deeply involved and seriously consistent, Forgotten Harbors continues the exploration. This time journeying into more coastal landscapes, but always without cliche, and with the deft delicacy and sense of disembodied drifting that we have come to expect. It is an album that will delight fans of detailed and well-crafted pastoral ambient.
● Arboreal
Label: DataObscura - 2012
Arboreal spins a gossamer web of natural field recordings and delicate synthesiser pads that will both entrance and transport the listener to a secluded earthly sanctuary, a sonic Eden, an arbor of pastoral dreams. Masterfully crafted, subtly detailed, and serenely beautiful, this is ambient music at its very best.
● The Alchemy of Nature
Label: DataObscura - 2012
This new ambient collection from Robert Davies further solidifies his name as a leading light in pastoral ambient. These six tracks seem to meld into a sustained aural treatise, revealing a more intimate, veiled, and perhaps mystical side of nature. Both relaxing, immersive, and exquisite, this is a work to nestle down with and simply let it work its magic.
● Whispering Grove
Label: DataObscura - 2011
Music that brings romantic visions of languishing within secluded bowers of intoxicating scents and lush humid overgrowth. Crafted with an unassuming simplicity and deftness, this is an album guaranteed to transport you.
● Pond
Label: DataObscura - 2010
Another deep pastoral exploration from Robert Davies. This time consisting of four longer, 15 minute pieces. A work inspired by lines from Thoreau's Walden.
● Terrestre
Label: DataObscura - 2009
Terrestre (of the Earth) is an interpretation of the myriad details of a dappled and intimate earthly landscape ... an understated set of pastoral meditations that reveal a very mature and consistent artistry.
Robert Davies ● Gallery of Spirits
Label: DataObscura - 2009
More ethereal dreamscapes and flowing apparitions. These drone-based pieces are like wandering the shadowy gardens of a mythic underworld.
Robert Davies ● Geography of Memory
Label: DataObscura - 2008
Flowing, etherial, and quite beautiful - this is perhaps the most immersive of Robert Davies' drone-based dreamscapes to date.
TCR ● Dawn (MP3)
Label: DataObscura - 2008
A collection of rich new dronescapes. About 24 minutes.
This is a FREE ep, available for download HERE
nunc stans ● Shadow Dreams
Label: DataObscura - 2007
Two disk set. Over two hours. The first, "Aura Sublime", is meditative & pastoral. The second, "In Darkness Dreaming", draws the listener into slightly darker realms of dreams and brooding enigmas.   
● Primordial
Label: DataObscura- 2007
Loaded with grainy epic richnes, subtle details, and intriguing leads, cast over a bed of northern dronescapes. Quality music that makes you imagine ... that lets you be there.
● Garden of Twilight
Label: DataObscura - 2006
A garden of delicate, masterfully woven, meditative ambience.
● Sub Rosa
Label: DataObscura - 2006
Textured drones, serene atmospherics. Delicate dreamscapes.
  COLLABORATIONS with Anthony Paul Kerby (APK)      
The Winterhouse: Dreaming
Label: DataObscura - 2016
Get comfortable and close your eyes. Now relax and listen. Immerse yourself. Travel deep into dreams you may not wish to wake from. Beautifully crafted drifting ambient soundscapes from The Winterhouse - Robert Davies and Anthony Paul Kerby.
The Winterhouse: Slow Awakening
Label: DataObscura - 2015
Organic landscapes that are tinged with melancholy and rich with the shadows and details of intimate natural spaces. Spaces of beauty, seclusion and refuge that appear to emerge from slowly dissolving blankets of morning mist. The work is both mysterious and enchanting, and is an admirable addition to the Winterhouse collection.
The Winterhouse: Gathering Autumn
Label: DataObscura - 2014
A special new 2CD release from the studios of Anthony Paul Kerby and Robert Davies, and the fifth in The Winterhouse series of lush and expressive ambient landscapes and explorations. The theme is autumn, the mood sombre and introspective, the music detailed and intimate.
The Winterhouse: Winter Gardens
Label: DataObscura - 2012
Winter Gardens is an intriguing set of wintery landscapes crafted with an underlying blanket of sonic beauty, a flurry of ambient details, and an icy delicacy. Expect something a little more experimental than their previous outings ... but every bit as magical.
The Winterhouse: Sanctuary
Label: DataObscura - 2010
A third collaboration with Anthony Paul Kerby. Lush and expressive soundscapes, rich with details and subtle organic depths.
The Winterhouse: Lost
Label: DataObscura - 2008
A second collaboration with Anthony Paul Kerby. Lush and expressive soundscapes, rich with details and subtle organic depths.
● The Winterhouse: Slow Promises
Label: Blue Oasis - 2007
A collaboration with Anthony Paul Kerby (Canada), well known for his many releases on DataObscura. Robert provided the underlying material. Final mixing and editing by APK. Very first release on the newly created Blue Oasis label.
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