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The Winterhouse
is Anthony Paul Kerby from Canada and Robert Davies from the USA. Both artists have numerous well-respected solo releases on Kerby's DataObscura label. The music style is a detailed, flowing, thoughtful and moody ambient electronica. Think of atmospheric music soundtracks and mysterious soundworlds, laced with subtle melodic elements and curious sonic inventions. This is music that rewards deep listening, but which can also function in the background.

The first Winterhouse album, Slow Promises, was released late 2007. This was followed by the beautiful Lost in 2008. Primary instruments employed are hardware and software synthesisers, plus field recordings and occasional treated guitar. The albums are edited and mastered by APK at his studio in London, Ontario, Canada.

Anthony also records as The Circular Ruin, Lammergeyer, and Nunc Stans.
Robert is also a visual artist working in paint and collage.
The DataObscura Bandcamp site.

A list of The Winterhouse releases and links to the albums on Bandcamp where you can hear full tracks.
• The Winterhouse: Dreaming (2016)

Get comfortable and close your eyes. Now relax and listen. Immerse yourself. Travel deep into dreams you may not wish to wake from. 

Beautifully crafted drifting ambient soundscapes from The Winterhouse - Robert Davies and Anthony Paul Kerby. 

1 - Dreaming
2 - Interior Ocean
3 - Wintermind
4 - Bathysphere
5 - Hibernation

Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE

• The Winterhouse: Slow Awakening (2015)

The Winterhouse (Robert Davies and APK) continue to bring us deftly crafted organic landscapes that are tinged with melancholy and rich with the shadows and details of intimate natural spaces. Spaces of beauty, seclusion and refuge that appear to emerge from slowly dissolving blankets of morning mist. The work is both mysterious and enchanting, and is an admirable addition to the Winterhouse collection. 

1 - Following The Path
2 - The Lake Isle
3 - Slow Awakening
4 - We DOn't Know
5- Nocturnal Memories

Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE


• The Winterhouse: Gathering Autumn (2014)

A special 2 disk release from the studios of Anthony Paul Kerby and Robert Davies, and the fifth in The Winterhouse series of lush and expressive ambient landscapes and explorations. The theme is autumn, the mood somber and introspective, the music detailed and intimate. 

Disk 1
1 - Secluded Vale
2 - We Must Endure
3 - Deepwoods
4 - Curious Pathways
5 - Autumn Nights
6 - When the Day Ends
Disk 2
1 - Gathering Autumn
2 - The Shifting Sky
3 - Growth of the Soil
4 - They Lived Here Before
5 - Autumn Gardens
6 - Wandering Alone
7 - To See Everything

Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE


• The Winterhouse: Winter Gardens (2012)

Winter Gardens is an intriguing set of wintery landscapes crafted with an underlying blanket of sonic beauty, a flurry of ambient details, and an icy delicacy. Expect something a little more experimental than their previous outings ... but every bit as magical.

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby (canada) and Robert Davies (usa) using a variety of synthesisers, with occasional field recordings. Final compositions and mastering by APK.


Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE

the winterhouse • The Winterhouse: Sanctuary (2010)

Together again, Davies and Kerby, weave a new tapestry of engrossing soundscapes that flow with underlying drones and shimmer with enchanting details. These are highly crafted works revealing a suggestive melancholic poetic beauty that bears listening to again and again.

1 - Secret Arrangements part 1
2 - Remembrance Of Things Past
3 - A Parcel of Enigmas
4 - Secret Arrangements part 2
5 - The Twilight Turns A Deeper Blue

Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE
• The Winterhouse: Lost (2008)

The drone mastery of Davies is overlaid with Kerby's melodic subtlety and sonic creativity in an organic, addictive, and flowing musical narrative. Much of the  music has a brooding vastness and grainy density, with scatterings of embedded field recordings and curious sound baubles. These are melancholic stories of loss and isolation.

1 - Lost
2 - Leaving
3 - Solitary Lives
4 - The Four Corners of Night
5 - Clearing

Available as CDr or mp3 download.
Listen: HERE
• The Winterhouse: Slow Promises (2007)

Intricate and haunting dronescapes that are full of subtle depths, details and musicality. Equally at home as quieter background music or for deep listening.

1. Winterhouse
2. Slow Promises
3. Too Tired for Words
4. If You Dream Like This
5. Beneath the Grey Walls
6. Inside and Out
7. Letting Go
8. Relax, Its All Over

Available as CD or mp3 download.
Listen : HERE

- Anthony Paul Kerby (APK)
- Robert Davies
- DataObscura Label
- DataObscura on Bandcamp

Many Winterhouse releases are also available at Databloem (holland)